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Improving Composition

Last year (2016) at the start of winter I went at my brother’s place. On my daily morning walks I used to take pictures of the street. During one of those days I came...


Noise and the Direction for this Website

Three Years!! Yes its three years I have posted on my blog. Some real life, some laziness and the NOISE around me. Well I am not going into the real life and frankly laziness is...


Gear Collection

In this world of internet and free flow of information you are flooded with the promos of some exquisite/exclusive piece of gear that you absolutely need. You will find gear reviews on photography websites,...

Focal length- Explained Part II of II 0

Focal length- Explained Part II of II

Continuing from the previous discussion about focal length, today I’ll be discussing about selecting a lens based on a focal length. As usual let me present a dilemma or a problem first. ‘What lens to...

Explained- Focal Length Part I of II 0

Explained- Focal Length Part I of II

Today I am here to explain the Focal Lengths of a lens. Most of us are in a dilemma about the lens to buy and what focal length to consider for purchase. But before...


Depth of Field- Revisited

On the a to z challenge for blogging I was thinking on getting a blog post titled with the letter D and guess what, I couldn’t come up with better than ‘Depth of Field’....


Composition in Photography – Tutorial Series

Today’s post is to put a perspective of composition in your photography. To improve your work as a photographer, composition is the one of the important aspects to master. What is composition in Photography?

Beginners Dilemma – Which Camera to buy 2

Beginners Dilemma – Which Camera to buy

The most frequently asked question to me is “I am an amateur and starting out in Photography, What Camera should I buy?”  or “which camera should I buy?”  or “Which is better Canon or Nikon?”  and the...

Acceptance to a New Challenge 1

Acceptance to a New Challenge

Lately I have been thinking to start a personal project. The motivation comes from the new book I recently purchased and started reading. This book is by Dan Winters Road to Seeing. Soon I’ll be...