Hot Shoe

I had HDR photography in my mind for today’s topic of discussion, but due to lack of a relevant picture I dropped the idea and decided to write on the not so popular topic. The Hot Shoe.

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Gear Collection

Camera Bag

In this world of internet and free flow of information you are flooded with the promos of some exquisite/exclusive piece of gear that you absolutely need. You will find gear reviews on photography websites, Youtube, Vimeo etc. And why not, selling gear for your photography fetches them your hard earned money.

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Explained- Focal Length Part I of II

Today I am here to explain the Focal Lengths of a lens. Most of us are in a dilemma about the lens to buy and what focal length to consider for purchase. But before I get into which focal length to go for I want to explain about the focal length of a lens. This is Part I of the Two part series in which I will cover the basics of focal length in detail.

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Depth of Field- Revisited


On the a to z challenge for blogging I was thinking on getting a blog post titled with the letter D and guess what, I couldn’t come up with better than ‘Depth of Field’. Well, if you have been reading my blog you’ll know what depth of field is. If not then please consider reading it here. Today, I am gonna be discussing the significance of depth of field in the context of composition.

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Beginners Dilemma – Which Camera to buy

The most frequently asked question to me is “I am an amateur and starting out in Photography, What Camera should I buy?”  or “which camera should I buy?”  or “Which is better Canon or Nikon?”  and the million version of this question. I am writing this post to answer all of those who are still in this dilemma.

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Acceptance to a New Challenge


Lately I have been thinking to start a personal project. The motivation comes from the new book I recently purchased and started reading. This book is by Dan Winters Road to Seeing. Soon I’ll be posting a book review but getting back to the point a personal Project.

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F Stop Diary Blog update 1.0


I had designed this website keeping it simple and easy to navigate. I love minimal websites with least elements in it. That’s why I designed it to be a blog with gray and white theme with 4-5 pages. For sometime I  have been thinking of revamping my website to include some more elements. Primarily for a better user experience.I plan to complete redesign of FSD Blog in the coming weeks.

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F Stop Diary Blog Mourns for passengers of MH 370 Malaysia Airlines

Today I mourn for all the passengers aboard the ill fated MH 370 of Malaysia Airlines.  I read the news that the the plane fell in the Indian Ocean. I always hoped that the plane be found along with the survivors. I even hoped that the plane better be abducted by aliens than getting crashed. I pray for all who were aboard the flight that their souls may rest in peace.    

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