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I had HDR photography in my mind for today’s topic of discussion, but due to lack of a relevant picture I dropped the idea and decided to write on the not so popular topic. The Hot Shoe. This would be a very short but an interesting topic especially for the post where I discuss light. So without further ado

A Hot Shoe is a small, metallic, usually silver/black connector which is found on the top of a camera. The hot shoe lets you attach an external flash to your camera. You can also attach a flash trigger to a hot shoe. You won’t find it usually on a point and shoot camera, but all low end to high end DSLR cameras have a hot shoe.

The hot shoe lets you trigger the flash in sync with the camera shutter.

Well it is pretty obvious that everybody knows about a hot shoe. So why I wrote this post. It’s because having a hot shoe on a camera for me is a make or break decision to purchase that camera. For example, Sony RX 100 is an excellent camera with great video recording features. But, if I have to make images with that, I won’t consider the Sony, despite its small size and other features.

Importance of Hot Shoe

It’s pretty simple, a hot shoe allows me to use any external flash which is a source of light. And in photography as you all know light is a critical element. Having a hot shoe gives me that option. I usually prefer OFF camera flash (the reason to which is out of scope of this Post). Hot shoe facilitate to connect a flash trigger on a camera which can trigger a flash ‘off’ camera in sync with the shutter.

Hence having a hot shoe gives me the option to have a critical element on my photography  i.e. use of artificial light.

To end this post, there is an excellent book on photography by Joe McNally named The Hot Shoe Diaries and I am reading it. Here is the link to the paper back edition and the Kindle edition of this book on amazon.




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  1. I learned what a Hot Shoe is back in the mid-80s when I got my first 35mm camera. But, that being said I think it’s great you’re teaching these basics to your readers. I will definitely subscribe to your newsletter to get a refresher. I was away from shooting with my old 35mm for years after I became a mother, and recently bought a DSLR. So, I am having to relearn things from old-school to new-school technology. It’s nice meeting you through the #a2zchallenge!

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