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Camera Bag

Camera Bag

In this world of internet and free flow of information you are flooded with the promos of some exquisite/exclusive piece of gear that you absolutely need. You will find gear reviews on photography websites, Youtube, Vimeo etc. And why not, selling gear for your photography fetches them your hard earned money.

Today, I am gonna be discussing bare minimum essentials for your photography. Though I know that each person will have their own set of requirements but I am trying to post some guidelines on how to get your Photographic gear collection.

The Bare Minimum

  1. DSLR (Canon Nikon, Pentax or Sony pick any, you will not go wrong)
  2. One Lens (Kit Lens)
  3. One UV filter for protection of your lens
  4. Lens Hood
  5. Two Storage cards (depending on your camera)
  6. A Decent Bag to store your equipment
  7. A computer for post processing your image
  8. A post processing software like Photoshop, GIMP etc.
  9. Miscellaneous: Camera Strap, Battery, Charger etc.

I hope I have covered the bare minimum requirements for your photography.

Upgrading to a Better Gear for Better Pictures


I have a philosophy that I follow. I go for my next purchase only if my current gear won’t be able to do it and the new gear will make me a better photographer.

The Upgrade

The Story: When my wife was pregnant, I thought I should shoot some pregnancy photos of her. I tried to find some good samples over the internet and shortlisted 5-6 decent photos.  I imagined, I should have at least those sample images in the planned shoot. Even though the poses were almost similar to the samples, I was not able to get those images with my then current gear. I gave a thought for 2-3 days and realized that I need good lighting to get that pop that I needed in my pictures.

Don’t Upgrade the Camera, acquire/upgrade your support equipment.

So I purchased 2 cheap flash, two stands and 2 umbrellas and voilla!! my images turned almost as good.

So the list should go as follows:

  1. Light (Flash or continuous light)
  2. Support equipment for light
  3. Light modifiers (start with umbrella or soft box)
  4. A reflector/diffusor
  5. A tripod/monopod

And you are done. I can definitely say that instead of that next best camera that you wanna purchase, you’ll be a greatly improved photographer after the above purchase.

You buy these things one by one, whenever you have enough money for that purchase. This way you will build the collection of gear that you can make good pictures with and more importantly USE it.

This post was written for the G letter on the A to Z challenge of Blogging.




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  1. Wow! You really know your stuff. I came across you via the A to Z challenge, but I’m book marking your site (since I have a lot to learn about photography).

    I’ll be back around to keep reading.

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