Depth of Field- Revisited


On the a to z challenge for blogging I was thinking on getting a blog post titled with the letter D and guess what, I couldn’t come up with better than ‘Depth of Field’. Well, if you have been reading my blog you’ll know what depth of field is. If not then please consider reading it here. Today, I am gonna be discussing the significance of depth of field in the context of composition.

Photography is a two dimensional medium, it reproduces a three dimensional world in front of your eye on to a two dimensional plane. But fortunately, the human brain can perceive depth even in a two dimensional scene on your image.

As a photographer you can use depth of field as a tool while composing your image. Suppose you want to isolate a subject from background and have your photo audience/viewer to look at the point of focus then open up your Aperture you’ll have nice blurred background or foreground. The example below shows an example of shallow depth of field. Depth-of-field

In the above image both the foreground and the back ground are out of focus and the middle is in focus.

In case you want your foreground, middle ground and back ground to put your subject in context of your background and foreground you can keep all the three i.e. your subject foreground and background in focus. Below is an example of great depth of field I shot long time back with my point and shoot camera.


Both techniques have their own merits. one isolates the subject and other puts it in the context of the surroundings.


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