Composition in Photography – Tutorial Series


composition-1Today’s post is to put a perspective of composition in your photography. To improve your work as a photographer, composition is the one of the important aspects to master.

What is composition in Photography?

Composition is nothing but the arrangement of elements in your frame. When you press the shutter release button on a camera you are recording a still image of these elements in front of the lens.

This is the most simple definition of composition, that I was able to write. If you take a closer look at the definition you’ll find that composition is the key to your image, it makes or breaks the image. Composition happens long before you press the shutter button. Composition is the idea that that you as a photographer want to present in a photograph through the various elements in it.

Now that we have a basic understanding of the term composition, I don’t want to put forth a series of tips for you to follow, instead I want to write tutorial series which will cover basics of composition and try to make you learn how to see before you take a photograph.

As I said I am not an expert and I’ll will be working on my composition skills as well along with those who follow this series.

To end this lackluster introductory post on composition; here is a quote from Joe McNally’s Book; The Moment it Clicks

Face it, everything’s been seen and everything’s been shot. So how do you make a different picture – especially of changing a light bulb? Climb the Empire State Building! 

Get your camera in a Different Place

Oh! did I end with a tip on composition???


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