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Gear Collection

In this world of internet and free flow of information you are flooded with the promos of some exquisite/exclusive piece of gear that you absolutely need. You will find gear reviews on photography websites,...


DIY Color Correction Gels for Canon 600 EX RT Speedlite

Your creativity is enhanced by the use of artificial lighting which you have control of. Similarly sometimes the ambient light can ruin a beautiful image. For this purpose the pro photographers use the light...


Shoot under Studio Lights in Delhi

I attended a workshop for a shoot in studio lights. It was a good experience learning to work under studio lights. It is relatively easier to learn lighting. We have a 5 light setup;

Building a Strobist Kit on a Budget 0

Building a Strobist Kit on a Budget

I have been following the strobist for around 2 months now. Naturally, I was also inclined to get a strobist kit for myself to get my photography to the next level. When I prepared...