Beginners Dilemma – Which Camera to buy

The most frequently asked question to me is “I am an amateur and starting out in Photography, What Camera should I buy?”  or “which camera should I buy?”  or “Which is better Canon or Nikon?”  and the million version of this question. I am writing this post to answer all of those who are still in this dilemma.

 My reply would be: Any camera as long as you use it. It could be a camera phone, a compact camera, a bridge/prosumer camera or a DSLR. But then People get into such dilemma only when they  want to upgrade to a DSLR. So I’ll talk about DSLR.

“Buy Any DSLR or a DSLT (if you wanna buy a Sony) with a kit lens and you’ll not be making a mistake”

You don’t need a better camera you need a better understanding of the Camera. 

Don’t get into the gear war of which is better Canon or Nikon or Sony or Pentax. If you are in such a dillemma just pick up any camera in your budget. Shoot with that camera for about a year or two and if you feel like you made a mistake then come to me and beat me with a stick.

However, if you are regular with your shooting then you’ll soon reach a point when you’ll understand the nuances of an image making process. You’ll also realize what a camera can or can’t do.

You’ll understand what focal lengths you need, what lenses you need, the lighting, the mood of the image, the composition even the post processing etc. and within two years you ll realize the most important lesson of all i.e.

Camera Plays a very small role in a good image making process.

The key to realizing what I have said above is to keep shooting and analyze your own work, how you can improve. For instance, I have a colleague who have couple of beginners photography books a DSLR and 3 Lenses but she has not used it even once and she talks about the latest lens to purchase.

On the other hand I manage my photography with 2 lenses and one camera.

So you have your Answer: Buy a beginner camera with a kit lens and start shooting.

By the way this is the second day of my A to Z blogging Challenge with the title beginning from the AlphabetB

2 thoughts on “Beginners Dilemma – Which Camera to buy

  1. So glad to find a photoblog to help me. I have a DSLR and photography is a hobby. An amateur still, I am sure I will learn fast. Would appreciate your inputs on my photos.

  2. I know this is late, but I’m jumping in through back-reading the posts I missed. My husband did the research for my camera, and got me an Olympus E-PM2 since DSLRs cost so much, and I’m a complete amateur who switches hobbies often. What do you think of the mid-range cameras for someone who is just starting out?

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