Acceptance to a New Challenge


APRIL-CALENDAR [2014]Lately I have been thinking to start a personal project. The motivation comes from the new book I recently purchased and started reading. This book is by Dan Winters Road to Seeing.

Soon I’ll be posting a book review but getting back to the point a personal Project.

There are a few Projects that are at the back of my mind.

  1. Festivals in India
  2. Historical Places in India
  3. Project 365
  4. Streets Shooting Delhi City etc.

The other thing that I wanted was that  the Project should be self fulfilling learning experience for myself and others. So today I got the opportunity to dive into the A to Z challenge of Blogging. It’s a 26 day challenge and the rules are pretty simple. I’ll have to write a blog post for the next 26 days starting from April 1st. The title of each post shall be starting with each letter of alphabets.  I got the information on this challenge today morning and I know I am little late for the planning stage but nevertheless I jumped in.

So today April 1 I am committing to 26 days Project.

The idea would be to get creative with the image making process break rules and create some beautiful images in the limited gear I have with the additional constraint of having each post starting with the an alphabet … daily.

Keep watching this space and wish me luck. Did you notice that my first post is starting with the following alphabet A

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